Katlego is the Co-founder and lead Cinematographer for Hue. his goal as a cinematographer/filmmaker is to
contribute towards the growth and development of Africa’s film industry by collaborating with other
artists to create content that speaks to Africa’s aesthetic.
he enjoys making use of brown and yellow textures which are the most prominent colours across
African landscapes. he also Enjoys the art of using soft light and extensive colour grading to
accentuate brown skin tones.
As a cinematographer he prides himself on his abilities to build the visual world of the story, bearing in mind that the intention behind every frame serves to enhance the narrative.
his photography hobby started through wildlife, and soon after he developed a passion for taking
portraits. he is now able to use still photography as a point of reference to create films.
he graduated from AFDA Film School with a BA in Motion Picture Medium and had a strong focus in
cinematography, data wrangling and colour grading.
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